Open now for Autumn and Winter


Autumn 2019

Open now for Autumn & Winter

Autumn Stock

Trees & Shrubs


  • Autumn is an ideal time to plant trees & shrubs, the combination of warm soil temperatures and cooler air stimulates root growth allowing the plant to become established before the new growth of Spring.

Autumn & Winter Bedding


  • Winter bedding to add colour to your garden during the shorter days. Available in boxes of 6 plants £3.35 or 4 boxes for £11.00 (equivalent to £2.75 per box) Wallflowers, Myosotis, Pansy, Primrose, Polyanthus, Sweet William & Viola.

Winter Baskets & Patio Pots


  • Bring in your Summer Baskets or Pots for re-filling for Winter, prices from £14.50 to £19.95. Or choose from a range of ready planted baskets, 10" starting at £4.95 up to 16" at £19.95 & Patio Pots starting at £4.95 to £25.00.

Herbaceous Perennials


  • Autumn flowering perennials to brighten up your boarders. (2 litre) pots £3.25 or 4 for £10.00 (equivalent to £2.50 each). Large perennials (3 litre pots) £5:99 each.

Autumn Basket & Patio Plants


  • Plant your own pots and baskets with our selection of Autumn basket and patio plants ranging from 99p - £4.99 each, such as Wallflower, Hebe, Thymus, Cordyline, Salvia, Spring bulbs, Ivy & Euronymus.



  • Plant for early Spring colour. Hyacinths 45p each, Tulips 18p each, Crocus 10p each, Daffodils 18p each.