Our Plants

As a Nursery & Grower we raise the majority of our plants ourselves, either from seed or plugs. As such, there is a large amount of time invested in this process, from sowing & transplanting to growing on, always ensuring the plants we raise and sell are the best quality.

Nursery & Grower



  •  We are involved in every aspect of plant husbandry, tending and caring for our plants throughout their growth, ensuring that you, our customers, receive the best quality plants at the best possible prices. 



  •  Because of time involved in this process we close for two periods through the year One during the Summer and one during the Winter. Contrary to popular belief we are not on holiday :-), but instead, during this time we're working hard rearing our plants for the two selling periods in Spring and Autumn. 


  •  If you would like to keep up dated on what is currently happening at our Nursery then please like our Facebook page (below) and ensure you check back from time to time as we update this regularly. We are also more than happy to answer any questions and inquiries via this medium, so please, don't be shy........